What These Women Love About Being Single

Building an empire

marie leggetteCourtesy Marie Denee creator,

“I’ve been single for a few years, but in hindsight, it was much needed,” says Marie Leggette, who runs fashion empire “As an entrepreneur, being single has allowed me to focus on growing my media brand.” After a relationship left her wanting more, Marie decided to take a leap back into the single life—something initially scary that paid off. “While not an ideal situation and a huge risk, I left my heart in California. My work called me to Atlanta,” Leggette explains, adding, “I’ve also been able to focus on my own personal growth and development via therapy. This way, I’m a better partner, a whole partner, and I can better advocate for myself and my needs. Right now, being single has given me the space to focus on me. Getting to know and love me!”

Life is an adventure

Lisa NiverCourtesy Lisa Niver

For Los Angeles-based travel and entertainment journalist Lisa Niver, life has been a constant adventure—with both good and bad. “I never thought that my personal and professional life would feel so much like a rollercoaster,” she says. After traveling in Asia for nearly two years with her then-husband, she chose to return to America without him. “I remembered I had rented my condo, sold my car, quit my job and was not sure what to do next to start over. I felt I was a failure. My friends insisted that the failure would have been to stay in an unsafe marriage and that I had to choose myself and remember the Chinese proverb, ‘Fall down 7, Get up 8.’ I picked myself back up and started my life over, challenging myself to do ’50 Scary Things Before 50′ as a way to inspire myself to keep going.” Now, as an award-winning journalist and avid traveler—101 countries and counting—Niver’s future is bright. “After a divorce and living in many cities and countries, I can honestly say at 52 years young, I am happy with my choices and so excited for new adventures. There were times that I never wanted to get out of my pajamas or eat anything but chocolate, but with encouragement from friends and family, I rebuilt my life again and I believe my 50s will be my best decade yet!” Those interested in finding a partner will want to know our 29 tips for finding love after 40.

Kicking her career into high gear

Nikki BrunoCourtesy Nikki Bruno, The Epic Comeback

A 20-year veteran of the book-publishing industry with a bachelor’s degree from Princeton and a master’s from Harvard, Nikki Bruno epitomizes the idea of a boss babe. However, following a divorce from a 12-year-long marriage resulting in two kids, she’s now more fulfilled striking out on her own. “I’m happy to be single because my soul can sing and grow in the freest, most liberated, most authentic way of my life,” she shares. “I love that nearly all of my choices, successes, and failures—social, financial, musical, professional aesthetic, all of them—are completely my own.” She founded The Epic Comeback™, a post-divorce empowerment coaching company. “I started this business because I went through a three-year high-conflict divorce and it completely sidelined me. After getting to the other side of that experience, I decided to dedicate my skills, talents, credentials, and passions to help other women come through a similar process. I want women to know and understand how powerful and amazing they are.” Now, one of Bruno’s favorite things about being single is the flexibility it affords. “I can be spontaneous or ultra-planned with my time, I can create an oasis of a household for my children and me, and I can get to know myself on myself’s own terms. It’s bliss.” Looking to be more spontaneous in your own life? Here are ways to plan a last-minute trip (without going broke).

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