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The Most Delicious Food from Every State


Boston baked beansPiotr Krzeslak/shutterstock

Signature dish: Boston baked beans. Originating from Native Americans, the slow-cooked dish is flavored with molasses or maple syrup and bacon. The Puritans made it on the Sabbath.


Meat pastiessmspsy/shutterstock

Signature dish: Meat pasties. These came from Cornish copper miners on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. “It’s a circle of piecrust filled with minced beef, potatoes, onions, 
carrots, and rutabaga, then folded in half, crimped, and baked. Sometimes the wives of the miners left room in 
a small corner of the pasty to put chopped apple, sugar, and cinnamon for the last bite, as dessert.” —Reader Micki Anderson, Eugene, Oregon


Hotdish MinnesotaTOH for Reader’s Digest

Signature dish: Hotdish. A casserole made with cream of mushroom soup, vegetables, meat, and a starch such 
as Tater Tots. “My dad didn’t like 
vegetables in his hotdish, so my mom would leave them out. I was baffled when I had my first Tater Tot hotdish with vegetables in it at the age of 20!”
—Reader Saunia Okerman, St. Cloud, Minnesota

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