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The Healthiest Meals You Can Get at 11 Quick-Service Restaurants

Dig Inn

Dig Inncourtesy Nico Shinco/Dig Inn

The Scoop: This veggie-focused spot, with locations in Boston, New York City, and suburban New York, embraces the food ethos of the moment, partnering with farms and embracing not only seasonal and local, but made-from-scratch too.

What to Get: Dig Inn is an excellent option, and you don’t need to just stick with poultry or fish, you can choose beef as well, explains Beth Clayton, a New York-based health and lifestyle coach and owner of Soul Body Life. When choosing red meat or cold-water fish like salmon, you just want to make you are mindful of the fat, as they tend to have higher fat content. Dressing choice, however, is key: “Stay away from fruity or berry vinaigrettes as they are high in sugar and will bring up carb count,” she says.


Beefsteak Vegetables

beefsteak vegetablescourtesy Reema Desai/beefsteak vegetables

The Scoop: Famed chef Jose Andres’ fast casual venture, with locations in Washington, D.C, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, isn’t vegetarian, but with the motto, “Veggies unleashed,” it is very veggie-focused, with veggie bowls, salad bowls, soups, and burgers.

What to Get: If you order off the traditional menu, Beefsteak has a ton of great options, says Clayton, who particularly likes their create-your-own veggie bowls. “Choose a dark leafy base over grains and add chicken sausage, salmon, or a poached egg for extra protein. All of the sauces are fair game, as well as their fresh toppings, including sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or seaweed instead of cranberries, pretzels or fried onions.” The only thing to watch out for would be the burger with brioche roll, which equals refined carbs, unless you are looking to indulge.

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Poke Works

Pokéworkscourtesy Pokéworks

The Scoop: A mainstay in Hawaii, this mix—traditionally of raw tuna with algae and kukui nuts—is now often seen with sesame oil, sesame seeds, scallions, and Maui onions. At Poke Works, with locations along the East Coast, plus California and Canada, you can get it as a bowl, burrito, or salad with tuna, salmon, scallops, shrimp, or even tofu and toppings ranging from mango to seaweed and avocado.

What to Get: The best option on the menu option for weight loss is the poke salad. “However, you can also pick a poke bowl and burrito if you stick with brown rice,” shares Clayton.

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