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The Best Signature Dishes in 13 Countries Around the World

France: Crêpe

Delicious crepes with forest fruit, topped and filled with forest fruit, mint and dark chocolate, delicious breakfastStepanek Photography/Shutterstock

No trip to France is complete without stopping for traditional crepes, either sweet or savory. To make this take on a pancake, the French start with wheat or buckwheat flour and fill it with spreads, Nutella, or jelly for a treat, or ham and cheese, mushrooms, or more for a lunchtime bite. Rumor has it this dish was the product of a culinary mistake by a 14-year-old waiter at the turn of the 19th century; he made a dessert for the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VIII) that went serendipitously wrong. Find out 13 other foods that were created by happy accident.

England: Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

Barbecue wagyu roast beef sliced with Yorkshire pudding as top view on a tray with copy space right hlphoto/Shutterstock

Truth be told, plenty of iconic dishes can be attributed to the United Kingdom: fish and chips, English breakfast, high tea—you name it. But of the most commonly consumed by locals, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding rank high on the list. You’re probably familiar with roast beef, but how about Yorkshire Pudding? It’s the star side dish, made of a batter comprised of eggs, flour, milk, or water. It became popular in the north of England, as a way to use the fat that dropped from cooking meat.

Italy: Pizza

Salmon and arugula pizza. Light and tasty restaurant meal for a foodiegolubovystock/Shutterstock

When the moon hits the sky, like a big pizza pie—that’s Italy’s prized dish. Since the infamous pizza, tomato, and cheese dish originated in the Southern Italy city of Naples, it’s no wonder this dish is renowned in the country—and around the world.

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