The Best Free Fitness Apps When Your Gym Is Your Living Room

As we all adjust our lives to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus, our fitness routines need to adjust too—mostly to incorporate social distancing. With businesses closing and people hunkering down, it’s pretty much impossible to stick to your regular workout routine if it involved the gym, fitness studio, or a group workout.

I’m a regular exerciser who relies on it heavily for stress management, so I know how difficult it is to hit pause on your fitness routine. But thankfully, there are some tech solutions out there that mean you don’t have to—you just need to think about your exercise routine a little differently.

Just as FaceTime and Google Hangouts can keep you socially connected during this time, there are some free fitness apps that can help you break a sweat without leaving home. Some of the following are always free; others are being offered for free right now. Since there’s no cost, I’d suggest trying a couple of different ones so you can figure out which you like best and what’s ideal for the equipment setup you have (or don’t have) at home.

Yes, at-home workouts will feel way different if you’re used to exercising in a gym with a plethora of equipment or in a fitness class guided by an instructor. But trust me: Once you try them, you’ll be glad you did, because any way you keep moving will definitely make you feel better. Here are some free fitness apps to help you out.

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