The 4 Pairs of Black Cross-Training Shoes This Fitness Pro Can’t Live Without

Colorful, flashy sneakers can be really fun. They’re perfect for spicing up jeans and a T-shirt with minimal effort (my go-to trick for quickly throwing together an outfit). I have a whole sneaker rack in my closet full of fun, fashionable-yet-functional sneakers, and I wear them often. But whenever I get dressed for a workout class or some solo time at the gym, I most often find myself choosing a pair of plain black cross-training sneakers.

The simple reason why is that they match with mostly everything. And the majority of the time, when I am trying to fit a workout into a busy day, I want to make as few decisions as possible so I can get out the door and onto the main event. Having to think about if my shoes will clash my tank top just adds another layer to my routine. So instead, I’ll just grab one of my favorite pairs of black sneakers that I know will perform well and match well enough with whatever I have on.

Below are the pairs I love and keep in constant rotation for gym workouts. As always, it’s important to remember that the best shoes for you will totally depend on what fits well and feels good on your feet, so they might not be the same as what I like. (And just to make sure I’m clear: These are not running sneakers, just cross-trainers for gym workouts and group fitness classes.) But hopefully this will at least give you some ideas and a good place to start your own hunt for a solid, reliable pair.

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