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The 31 Best Snacks That You Should Order Right Now

You might be looking for the best snacks to buy because your quarantine-induced Big Homesteader Energy—you know, the kind that has the entire Internet baking sourdough and darning their socks—is waning. Or maybe the novelty of staying home and feeding yourself for months on end was never there to begin with. As a regular food writer at Bon Appètit, Domino, and others, an occasional prep cook, and an eating-enthusiast-at-large, you might be surprised to find I’m solidly in the former camp. 

Part of my oh-sigh-someone’s-gotta-do-it job involves sampling a heck load of snick-snacks and nibbles, which is why on any given night in these supremely strange times you’ll find me crafting a ‘dinner board’ from an array of creative tidbits: a pile of salty nuts, a dollop of sour-sweet yogurt, seedy crackers, and a swoop of hummus. I queue something Italian on the ‘flix, pour a glass of wine, and call it aperitivo.  

And for anyone who gets peckish throughout the day, the best snacks are a great way to keep mealtimes (and in-between times) delicious and exciting. So, from crackers and dips to cookies and jerky, here are some of my favorites that are a little more under-the-radar than your standard chips and dips.

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