The 11 Best Anti-Aging Serums, According to Dermatologists

Ask any dermatologist which skin-care product will give you the most anti-aging bang for your buck, and we're willing to bet they'll say a serum. Lighter than moisturizers, serums contain higher levels of active ingredients—the stuff that actually does the job to help keep your skin healthy and youthful by eliminating sunspots, fighting wrinkles (and/or preventing new ones from forming), keeping skin hydrated…you get the picture.

The good news? There's no shortage of serums out there. The bad news? There's no shortage of serums out there. So to help you sort through them all, we asked top dermatologists to share their personal favorites. Ahead, 11 of the best, derm-approved, anti-aging serums so good that the pros even use these themselves.

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