What Serena Williams Wants You to Know About Financial Abuse

When Serena Williams speaks, it’s wise to listen. Whether Williams is fighting for equality on the tennis court or sharing the story of her traumatic childbirth and postpartum experience, the 23-time Grand Slam Champion—arguably the greatest living athlete of all time—is well known for her unapologetic advocacy. It’s no surprise that Williams has partnered with […]

Food & Nutrition

This Drastic Diet Change Helped Venus Williams Fight Her Autoimmune Condition

When Venus Williams was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome in 2011, her tennis career almost came to a grinding halt. After a rough season of injuries and match withdrawals, she announced that she was suffering from the fairly common autoimmune disease that causes dry eye and dry mouth, as well as crushing joint pain and fatigue. The condition severely […]


This Is Why Michelle Williams Checked Into Treatment for Her Mental Health This Summer

Earlier this summer, Michelle Williams announced she was proudly seeking treatment from health-care professionals for her mental health. Her Instagram post received an outpouring of support, but it didn't really get into the details of what she was experiencing. This week, in a new interview with People, the singer opened up about the circumstances that […]