Corn in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Salads Recalled Over Listeria and Salmonella Concerns

Salads containing corn have been recalled at several major grocery stores this week—including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and 7-Eleven—due to possible contamination with listeria and/or salmonella bacteria. The problem was discovered on Tuesday when GH Foods CA, LLC received word that their corn supplier was recalling its corn over listeria and salmonella fears, according to […]

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36 Everyday Items You’ve Been Using Wrong This Whole Time

Recipes & Cooking Marissa LaliberteMay 09 These everyday tasks just became quicker, safer, and more effective. Tupperware Africa Studio/Shutterstock Glass vs. plastic aside, not all food containers are ideal for the microwave. The corners of rectangular containers usually attract more energy than other areas, leaving the food in those spots overcooked. A round container will […]


How To Handle Anxiety At Work So It Doesn't Destroy Your Whole Day

One of the most frustrating aspects of anxiety is that it can strike anywhere ― especially in the workplace. “Most individuals operate with some anxiety at all times in order to be successful,” said Kate Cummins, a California-based clinical psychologist working at Stanford University. Think about the nerves you get before delivering a presentation or negotiating […]