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How to Salt Pasta Water the Right Way

It’s as easy as the instructions on the back of the box, right? Sure, but using this easy pasta cooking technique makes for excellent noodles and proper pot care, too. For such a simple task, cooking pasta has accumulated its fair share of oddball tips (throwing spaghetti against the wall—really?). In truth, outside of getting […]


Michigan Is Facing An ‘All-Out Assault On Water.’ Will It Swing The State In 2020?

EAST LANSING, Mich. ― “They’re called ‘forever chemicals,’” a narrator intones overdramatic music as a little girl sips from a glass of water. “And once these toxins enter your body, they can stay there for the rest of your life.” This 30-second ad is running across the Republican-leaning 8th Congressional District in central Michigan, where […]


Is It OK To Use A Reusable Water Bottle During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

AscentXmedia via Getty ImagesExperts don’t believe your reusable water bottle can spread the virus. But you should definitely be cleaning it diligently, regardless of an outbreak. As the number of coronavirus cases increases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising businesses and employers to socially distance employees from one another, and from the […]