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NIH Director Imagines What Aliens Would Think Of Maskless Trump Supporters

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, on Thursday conjured an out-of-this-world vision to express his puzzlement at people who don’t wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Collins, during a CNN town hall on the pandemic, was asked by medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to comment on scenes like the one earlier that […]


The Coronavirus Is Challenging What Our Politicians Think About ‘Medicare For All’

WASHINGTON ― With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, U.S. politicians seem to be rethinking some of their most dearly held beliefs about socialized medicine. A Department of Health and Human Services official told a Senate committee Tuesday that the administration is considering how it could pay hospitals to treat uninsured coronavirus, or COVID-19, patients. […]


Elizabeth Warren Can’t Think Of ‘A Worse Person’ Than Mike Pence To Tackle Coronavirus

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday joined the growing chorus of criticism being leveled at President Donald Trump over his controversial appointment of Vice President Mike Pence to oversee the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. The Democratic presidential candidate argued to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that Pence “is the wrong person” to tackle the outbreak […]


31 Relationship Habits That You Think Are Loving, but Are Actually Dangerous

RD.COM Advice Relationships View as slideshow Although these practices are heavily romanticized in society, they just might be poisoning your relationship. Take heed of these tips from top relationship experts. Making your partner your ultimate priority Liudmyla Boieva/Shutterstock “Making a partner your first priority before yourself is a ‘spiritual don’t’ because the secret to life […]