These Women Posed 'Nude' In The Middle Of London To Make A Point About Victoria's Secret

Goodbye, angels; hello, absolute badasses.  Just days after the hotly debated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show paraded its historically narrow-minded ideals of beauty down the runway for yet another year, seven women stripped down to their underwear to show the brand ― and the world ― what true diversity looks like.  They staged their protest outside […]


These Women Are Smashing Their Makeup Because They're Sick of Insane Beauty Standards

The pressure to wear pounds of makeup has to stop. A new feminist movement is sweeping Instagram, as some South Korean women are rebelling against unattainable beauty standards that have become a cultural norm in their country. The movement, called Escape the Corset, sprang up over the summer on YouTube and Twitter, and is now gaining momentum on Instagram. It’s a call […]


These Nordstrom Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Are So Worth It

From leggings to comfortable shoes to beauty products, Nordstrom carries some of our all-time favorite brands. But their prices can be… well, pricey. Luckily, the retailer also has a few major sales throughout the year—and right now, they’re going all out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From November 21 through November 26, Nordstrom will be slashing prices up to 60% […]


Build a Budget-Friendly At-Home Gym With These Tips From Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea

The perks of an at-home fitness center are plenty: time saved on commuting, money saved on memberships, distractions from other gymgoers eliminated, and excuses for not working out reduced. For some, these pluses are major enough to forgo a public gym entirely. “I do all in-home training,” celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, whose famous clients include […]