Take Your Kettlebell Squats to the Next Level With This Small Tweak From Blake Lively’s Trainer

Squats are hard. Weighted squats are harder. And weighted squats with a kettlebell in the rack position—which means resting the weight in front of your body at shoulder-level versus holding it down at your side—can be an even greater challenge. This was the subject of an Instagram video posted on Tuesday by Don Saladino, celebrity […]


11 Small Talk Tips That Will Make You Less Awkward

Relationships Juliana LaBiancaAug 09 Forget those awkward introductions: These tips will help you instantly connect with anyone. Start with a handshake iStock/opolja A proper handshake conveys trust, respect, and equality. Make eye contact, smile, and shake from the elbow (shaking from the wrist comes across as limp). Touching hands signals our brains to release oxytocin, […]