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CDC Now Says COVID-19 Isn’t Airborne Threat. Scientists Say That’s Wrong.

Scientists are firing back at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after the federal agency on Monday reversed its identification of the coronavirus as an airborne virus, a conclusion that many experts say scientific evidence has supported for months now. The CDC’s brief recognition of the virus as being airborne on Friday was celebrated as long […]


Spending More Time Outside During The Pandemic? Scientists Say Beware Of Ticks.

Millions of Americans are under stay-at-home orders as the coronavirus spreads across the country, prompting some to spend more time than usual outdoors during the extended social isolation. While hiking in the woods can provide a much-needed change of scenery, scientists are urging nature-seekers to take precautions against tick encounters. Nearly 50% of ticks are […]


Jared Kushner’s COVID-19 Brainstorms Stole Time From Scientists Racing The Clock: Report

A parallel COVID-19 strategy run by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner has sucked valuable time from health experts scrambling to respond to the surging pandemic and save lives, sources have told The Washington Post. Comments and requests from President Donald Trump’s son-in-law that task force members felt compelled to respond to — no matter how […]