Justice Kagan Says Supreme Court ‘Failed’ To Protect Voters Amid Pandemic

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan slammed the court’s decision not to extend the deadline to receive mail-in ballots in Wisconsin and said it would “disenfranchise” voters in a pandemic.  In a Monday ruling, the Supreme Court sided with Republicans in its decision to block Wisconsin from counting mail-in ballots that are received after Election Day, […]


Republican Mask Manufacturer Says He’ll Vote Biden After Trump ‘Politicized’ COVID-19

The Republican executive of a company that manufactures medical masks said Tuesday that he will vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, due to President Donald Trump’s “politicized” response to the coronavirus crisis. Mike Bowen ― executive vice president of Texas-based Prestige Ameritech, the largest producer of N95 masks and respirators in the U.S. ― […]


Bobby Berk of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ Says This Is the One Piece of Furniture Worth Splurging On

Many people are spending more time at home these days and taking that time to refresh their furniture. Bobby Berk, interior design expert seen on Netflix’s Queer Eye, says there’s one particular piece of furniture that’s worth splurging on. The one item that’s worth spending more on in your home is your mattress, according to […]


Daycares Don’t Seem to Cause Much Coronavirus Transmission, Says New Research

New research suggests that daycare centers are low-risk places for coronavirus transmission. In the study, which Yale University researchers released on October 14 in Pediatrics, childcare providers who kept working through the pandemic were not more at risk of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus than those who did not. The researchers asked over 57,000 childcare workers […]

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Eric Trump Says Nonexistent COVID-19 Vaccine His Dad ‘Took’ Worked Really ‘Well’

Eric Trump on Sunday touted a nonexistent “vaccine” that he claimed dramatically helped his father, President Donald Trump, recover from COVID-19 after the president “worked” hard to get it developed.  The president didn’t get a vaccine, nor has he developed one, nor is it clear he’s recovered. In fact, doctors administered a steroid, an antiviral drug […]