Food & Nutrition

Is Pink Pork Safe to Eat?

Growing up, the answer to “Can pork be pink?” was an absolute no. The only pork we ate was gray, tough, and chewy. That’s not a knock to my mother’s cooking; she followed the guidelines established at that time, cooking pork to the safe temperature of 160°F. Sadly, that “safe” pork was also overcooked. Luckily […]


How To Tell If Your Coronavirus Mask Is Counterfeit Or Safe

As more Americans are required to wear masks during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, authorities have warned that counterfeit N95 masks are flooding the market.  Over the last several weeks, there have been reports of hospitals and first responders in New Jersey, West Virginia, Missouri and elsewhere that purchased faulty face masks. On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration reduced […]


Hackers Are Trolling My Virtual Recovery Meetings With Racist Attacks And I Don’t Feel Safe

“Try not to take these attacks personally.” This is the opening statement from a Google Doc sent to me by a 12-step “old-timer” earlier today.   “To those in recovery programs, know that these disruptors are not targeting your specific recovery meetings specifically. These are teenagers, gamers, attacking the Zoom platform itself. The attackers don’t seem […]