Trump Creates Radical Coalition Declaring ‘No International Right’ To Abortion

The Trump administration signed onto a declaration on Thursday that could undermine abortion rights around the world, a document stating that “in no case should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning.”  The declaration is part of the Geneva Consensus, a 32-country coalition created by the Trump administration in 2019 and co-sponsored by […]


How To Pick The Right Weight

“Selecting the right weight is something many people struggle with but it is so important, because choosing the wrong weight can seriously compromise your results when you’re training primarily for increased muscle mass,” says Nick Mitchell, founder of the global personal training gym business Ultimate Performance. “Most sensible muscle-building training programmes use a combination of […]

Food & Nutrition

This Fast-Food Restaurant Is the Safest in the Country Right Now

It’s outperforming its competitors in every safety category. It’s been six months since the COVID-19 crisis began fundamentally altering American life, and the virus remains an omnipresent danger. Though many places, like restaurants, gyms, and offices, are open once again, we still need to be careful before choosing to frequent them. Here’s how to avoid […]


Michelle Obama’s Comforting Advice for Anyone Else With ‘Low-Grade Depression’ Right Now

Earlier this week, Michelle Obama mentioned that she was experiencing “low-grade depression” right now. Now, in an illuminating Instagram post, the former First Lady explained a little more about where those feelings are coming from—and gave a comforting message to anyone else who (understandably) might be going through a low period these days. On this […]