Trump Mocked For Claiming His Face Mask Makes Him Look Like ‘Lone Ranger’

Donald Trump now claims he doesn’t have anything against wearing masks to protect against the coronavirus. Accordingly, Twitter users can’t disguise their contempt for the notoriously mask-averse president. But while Trump has avoided wearing facial coverings throughout the coronavirus pandemic, he told Fox Business News on Monday that he was “all for masks,” adding “I think […]


GOP Senator Implores Trump To Wear A Mask And Let COVID-19 Experts Do The Talking

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chair of the Senate health committee, implored President Donald Trump on Sunday to wear a mask “from time to time” and to leave coronavirus health and medical recommendations to the experts. “I wish the president would wear a mask when it’s appropriate because millions of Americans admire him, and they would follow his […]


How To Find The Best Coronavirus Face Mask For Kids

Tamilisa Miner via Getty ImagesGetting kids to wear masks can be a struggle. Paying close attention to fit and comfort can help.  When it comes to mask-wearing, parents generally say their kids fall into one of two groups: the my-kid-wears-one-without-much-complaint set, or the my-kid-absolutely-refuses contingent. But what if there is a third option — the […]

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Welcome To The Mask Wars

As the coronavirus outbreak worsens in 22 states, communities across the U.S. are torn over one of the most basic measures to limit its spread: requiring people to wear masks in businesses and public spaces. Localities have moved in starkly different directions in recent days over whether to mandate masks. Some have instituted new mask […]


Widespread Face Mask Use Could Help Prevent A Second Wave Of Coronavirus, Study Finds

LONDON (Reuters) – Population-wide facemask use could push COVID-19 transmission down to controllable levels for national epidemics and could prevent further waves of the pandemic disease when combined with lockdowns, according to a UK study published Wednesday. The research, led by scientists at Britain’s Cambridge and Greenwich Universities, suggests lockdowns alone will not stop the […]