Scientist Behind Coronavirus Study Contradicts Trump Claim That He Saved 2 Million Lives

President Donald Trump has boasted repeatedly that he saved 2.2 million lives from COVID-19, using a figure in a British modeling study to support his claim. That’s not true, the lead author of that report — epidemiologist Neil Ferguson — told HuffPost, adding that the number of American lives ultimately lost to the disease will depend on what states do from […]

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Stalled vaccine programmes ‘put children’s lives at risk’

Millions of children could die from preventable disease because of severe disruptions to vaccination programmes caused by coronavirus, experts warn. At least 68 countries have been affected – with some stopping vaccination campaigns completely. The World Health Organization advised many countries to suspend vaccinations to help slow the spread of coronavirus. But now it is […]


Trump Boasts He Likely Saved ‘Billions’ Of Lives In A Nation With 330 Million People

President Donald Trump busted his boastful exaggeration record Saturday when he claimed he likely saved “billions” of lives with his measures against COVID-19. The entire population of the U.S. is just 330 million. Trump claimed Monday he saved “tens of thousands” or possibly “hundreds of thousands” of lives because in late January he restricted foreign nationals […]


Anthony Fauci: Imposing Mitigation Measures Earlier ‘Could Have Saved Lives’

Anthony Fauci, one of the country’s top infectious disease experts, said Sunday that imposing social distancing measures earlier to curb the spread of the coronavirus, as he recommended to the White House in February, “could have saved lives.” During an appearance on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” Fauci was asked why President Donald Trump didn’t […]


Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Response Will ‘Cost Lives,’ Washington Post Board Warns

The Washington Post editorial board pulled no punches with its prediction about how President Donald Trump’s haphazard handling of the coronavirus outbreak will eventually play out. “Mr Trump’s counter messaging does more than cause confusion,” the newspaper warned in a column published Monday. “It will cost lives,” it said. Trump has peddled multiple falsehoods about, […]


Shauna Harrison Basically Lives in These Leggings for Chill, Not-So-Chill, and Hard AF Workouts

Although I get awkwardly uncomfortable and squeamish when someone classifies me as an “expert” in any of the subjects I have actually studied or racked up 10,000-plus hours practicing (like fitness, yoga, public health, wellness), there is one topic in which no amount of imposter’s syndrome could ever shake my confidence. And no, it’s not […]