Powerful Photos Show What Life With Depression Is Really Like

Depression takes on many forms. Just ask Tara Wray. “It’s not just the stereotypical photo of a person with their head in their hands looking depressed,” Wray, a Vermont-based photographer and creator of The Too Tired Project, a creativity-based mental health initiative, told HuffPost. After publishing a photo book, Too Tired for Sunshine, featuring pictures that […]


56 Secrets Life Coaches Won’t Tell You for Free

You’re suffering? Good. iStock/monkeybusinessimages “Whether it’s for financial, spiritual, physical, or mental success, my first tip to my clients is to build a positive relationship with suffering. I have had clients that have struggled with PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, and fear and they’re usually surprised when the first thing I tell them is ‘Great!’ The […]

Food & Nutrition

13 Baking Hacks That Make Your Life Easier

According to Urban Dictionary, the term “hack” has several meanings, among them “a clever or elegant technical accomplishment” and “a temporary, jury-rigged solution.” These 13 baking shortcuts not only fit both of these definitions, but are ingenious enough to change your culinary life forever. Read on, and never cry over snafus like burned cookies or undecorated cakes again. Scoop up […]


U.S. Life Expectancy Continues To Fall As Overdose And Suicide Rates Soar

American mortality rates have continued to rise alongside worrying upticks in overdose and suicide rates, according to three new government studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Life expectancy dropped to 78.6 years in 2017, down from 78.7 in 2016, contributing to the longest-running decline in U.S. history since World War I, when a […]