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Shark DNA could help cure cancer and age-related illnesses in humans

Great white sharks may hold the secrets to curing cancer and other age-related diseases, experts believe. The first map of great whites sharks’ DNA has revealed “mutations” that protect the animals against cancer and other illnesses. Scientists hope more research could help apply the findings to treating age-related illnesses in humans. The great white’s ability […]


All About the Sling Shot Push Up, an Exercise Tool That Can Help You Master the Push-up

Whether you’re a beginner exerciser or a longtime gym-goer, the push-up can be a seriously challenging move. It requires technique, upper-body strength, and total-body coordination to master. There’s also the intimidation factor—the name alone can conjure up bad bootcamp class experiences or memories from grade school fitness tests. If, like many folks, you struggle to […]


Superintendent Quits After Arrest For Allegedly Using Her Insurance To Help Sick Student

An Indiana school superintendent who was arrested for allegedly using her own health insurance to purchase medicine for a sick, uninsured student, has resigned. Casey Smitherman submitted her resignation to the Elwood School Board on Friday after being charged last month with insurance fraud, identity theft and official misconduct over the incident, Indianapolis station WISH-TV reported. […]