‘SNL’s’ Rona Family Of COVID-19 Viruses Grateful To Trump For Keeping Them Around

In an updated twist on the alien Coneheads, “Saturday Night Live” introduced fans to the “Rona family” of COVID-19 viruses all home for the holidays. The family was exhausted from their world — and university —travels. There’s Mom (Cicely Strong), dad (Beck Bennett), daughter (Lauren Holt) with a fiance she’s been “mutating with,” and n’er-do-well son […]

Food & Nutrition

The Royal Family Just Shared Their Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe

After watching The Crown all month, it’s safe to say we’re in the mood for something truly royal. The royal family’s kitchens fulfilled our wish by sharing the recipe for their decadent Christmas pudding on Twitter, right in time for #StirUpSunday. (Thankfully, this one doesn’t have an unusual British name). 🥄 Today is #StirupSunday: traditionally […]


Michigan Sen. Gary Peters Shares ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Family Abortion Experience

Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich) has spoken candidly about his family’s personal experience with abortion, a first for a sitting senator.  In an interview with Elle magazine, Peters, who is currently running for reelection, shared the “gut-wrenching” story of his experience with his first wife, Heidi, in the 1980s. My story is one that’s tragically shared […]