Homeless Families In Los Angeles Take Over Vacant Homes As Coronavirus Spreads

Homeless families are occupying vacant homes in the Los Angeles area as two major crises collide in California: the years-long affordable housing crisis and the immediate, mounting coronavirus pandemic.   Starting on Saturday — as cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, ballooned statewide — homeless mother Martha Escudero, 42, and her 10- and […]

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Displaced Families Tap Into Survival Instincts To Tackle COVID-19 Outbreak

Danny Hajjar’s parents grew up during the Lebanese Civil War, a 15-year multi-faceted war that killed nearly 150,000 people and displaced thousands more between 1975 and 1990. During that time, they witnessed prices skyrocket, businesses shutter and tensions between families and friends run high. His family could not leave their home since waves of violence […]

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32 Easy Meals for Families

Try this recipe: Spicy Braised Carrots, Fennel, and Chickpeas Sick of boring broccoli? Switch up your side dish game with this braised two-veggie dish instead. Shallots, garlic, and oregano add a flavorful kick to a combination of carrots, fennel, and protein-packed chickpeas. This dish tastes even better a day after cooking, so it’s the perfect make-ahead […]


Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Hurts The Health Of Latino Families, Even Those Here Legally

In 2018, immigration enforcement resulted in the tear-gassing of asylum-seekers (including children) at the U.S. border, the traumatic separation of children from their parents in immigrant detention centers and a dramatic increase in immigration raids. Facing critics who have decried these tactics as cruel and immoral, President Donald Trump continues to trumpet his administration’s immigration policies and has doubled down on […]


How To Boost Vaccine Rates For Low-Income Families

By Michael Ollove A new five-state project funded by the federal government aims to improve vaccination rates among low-income children and pregnant women, using statewide registries intended to track the immunization histories of all residents. The hope is that new ways of collecting and analyzing data identified during the project eventually will spread to all […]