Baby Brain: Does It Exist?

Does "baby brain" really exist? Answer From Myra Wick, M.D., Ph.D. There isn't enough information to support the existence of baby brain or pregnancy brain—terms used to describe the idea that pregnancy or early motherhood can harm a woman's memory and ability to think. Researchers began studying the theory of baby brain because women frequently […]

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9 Weird Food Festivals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Travel Sherri EisenbergAug 21 Whether your favorite food is pumpkin or lobster (or prairie oysters), there’s an American food festival that celebrates it in a big, wacky, wonderful, delicious way. Hatch Chile Festival YaJurka/shutterstock Every Labor Day weekend, this festival celebrates New Mexico’s native chile peppers. Served all over the state in red, green, or […]