Emotional And Psychological Abuse Are Now Crimes In Ireland

Ireland just expanded the legal definition of domestic violence to include emotional and psychological abuse.  As part of the country’s Domestic Violence Act 2018, which went into effect on New Year’s Day, “coercive control” is now recognized as domestic violence and is punishable by up to five years in prison. The legislation defines coercive control as “psychological […]


This Powerful Form of Emotional Abuse Allegedly Broke Up Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams' Marriage

Have you ever felt like a partner, family member, or friend was constantly making you feel insignificant? Those who’ve been there should know that this kind of criticism, belittling, is never your fault, no matter how much the other person makes it seem like it is. You’re also not the only one who’s experienced it. PEOPLE recently […]


Selena Gomez Seeking Treatment After Emotional Breakdown in Hospital Following 'Tough' Few Weeks

Selena Gomez is seeking treatment after suffering an emotional breakdown while in the hospital, a source confirms to PEOPLE. The 26-year-old “Wolves” singer was hospitalized twice within the last few weeks, both times for a low white blood cell count, which can be a side effect for kidney transplant patients. During her second visit, Gomez […]