Oversight Panel: Trump Admin. Didn’t Distribute Stockpile Supplies Based On States’ Needs

The Department of Health and Human Services said the Trump administration did not distribute supplies from the National Strategic Stockpile to states based on their individual needs during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the House Oversight and Reform Committee. HHS also told the oversight committee that there was no more personal protective equipment, or PPE, […]


Report: Federal Agencies Didn’t Bulk Order Coronavirus Protection Equipment Until March

WASHINGTON (AP) — As the first alarms sounded in early January that an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China might ignite a global pandemic, the Trump administration squandered nearly two months that could have been used to bolster the federal stockpile of critically needed medical supplies and equipment. A review of federal purchasing contracts […]

Food & Nutrition

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Retro TV Dinners

Everett Collection/Shutterstock Learn the history behind these quick, convenient frozen meals that changed family dinnertime forever. Indigenous people shared lessons in freezing food In 1930, inventor and naturalist Clarence Birdseye launched the first line of frozen foods under the label Birds Eye Frosted Food Co. He learned about flash freezing from Inuit fishermen while living […]