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<![CDATA[Celebrities –]]> en daily 1 <![CDATA[Kumail Nanjiani Posts ‘Thirsty’ Shirtless Photos to Show Off His Newly-Ripped Body ]]> Kumail Nanjiani is looking Marvel-ous. The Silicon Valley star, 41, transformed his body for a role in Marvel’s upcoming movie Eternals — and had no shame in showing off his months of hard work with two “thirsty” […]


6 Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Off Their Strong Arms

Used to be that if a woman had muscular, well-defined arms, she wasn’t considered “feminine.” Luckily we’re in the post-Michelle Obama era, whose sculpted biceps showed us that there’s nothing more womanly than wearing your strength on your sleeve. Lately, we’ve noticed a surge in female celebrities embracing their strong arms as well, and they’re paving the way for women everywhere […]


A Psychiatrist Explains Why You May Feel Annoyed When You Hear Celebrities Talk About Anxiety

There are a variety of reactions a person might have when celebrities share publicly their experiences with having anxiety: happiness, optimism, annoyance, fatigue, or even heightened anxiety of their own. Even as a mental health professional, I have felt most of these emotions. With some celebrity stories about anxiety, I feel so excited that I […]