The CDC Finally Acknowledges That COVID-19 Can Spread More Than 6 Feet via Airborne Transmission

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now says COVID-19 can be airborne in some circumstances. In a new update, the CDC says the coronavirus is most likely to spread through droplets in the air, including both larger and smaller aerosolized respiratory droplets containing the virus. Previously, the CDC did state that droplet transmission […]

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CDC Now Says COVID-19 Isn’t Airborne Threat. Scientists Say That’s Wrong.

Scientists are firing back at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after the federal agency on Monday reversed its identification of the coronavirus as an airborne virus, a conclusion that many experts say scientific evidence has supported for months now. The CDC’s brief recognition of the virus as being airborne on Friday was celebrated as long […]


WHO Says Coronavirus Going Airborne Indoors ‘Cannot Be Ruled Out’

The World Health Organization has updated its guidelines on how the coronavirus is transmitted, stating that the likelihood that the virus can go airborne, particularly in enclosed spaces like restaurants and gyms, “cannot be ruled out.” In its updated guidelines issued Thursday, the WHO cited multiple reported outbreaks of COVID-19 involving people who became infected after being in […]


Could the Coronavirus Be Airborne?

Perhaps you’ve seen headlines about finding viral RNA particles in the air in hospital rooms and even in feces. But finding those particles is not the same thing as finding live, infectious virus. And just because someone with the virus expels aerosolized particles that doesn’t mean those particles can actually infect you. We don’t know […]