Teen Who Got Vaccinated Against Mom's Wishes Testifies Before Congress

Ethan Lindenberger made headlines last month for choosing to get vaccinated against his mother’s wishes. On Tuesday, the 18-year-old testified before the Senate health committee about his experience growing up in an anti-vaccine household and the dangers of misinformation. “I grew up understanding my mother’s beliefs that vaccines are dangerous, and she would speak openly about […]


Young Blood Scam: FDA Warns Against Unproven Anti-Aging Transfusions

The Food and Drug Administration issued a forceful warning Tuesday that transfusions of young donor plasma, which have been marketed to fight aging and a variety of diseases, are not only unproven ― they could be harmful. You’ve probably seen the headlines about the alleged “young blood” miracle treatments where for-profit medical startups charge thousands […]


Chrissy Teigen Defends Herself Against 'Trolls' Who Criticized Helmet Use for Her Son Miles

On Tuesday, Chrissy Teigen took the opportunity to address some Twitter “trolls” who left negative comments concerning her 6-month-old son Miles Theodore‘s helmet, which she explained Monday that he was wearing to treat his “adorable slightly misshapen head” as a result of Plagiocephaly. “Good morning trolls! Just a friendly reminder that you do not indeed know absolutely […]