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States Embrace Coronavirus Restrictions After Reopening Proves Disastrous

State and local officials are pausing or reversing plans to reopen public life as the coronavirus pandemic surges in parts of the country that previously seemed to be trending in the right direction.  Carlos Giménez, the Republican mayor of Florida’s Miami-Dade County, the state’s largest, announced on Monday that he would close restaurants, gyms and other […]


Exercising After Coronavirus Recovery: How Complications of COVID-19 Can Affect Your Workouts

Another possibility, even in not-so-sick cases of COVID-19, is adult-onset asthma. Other viruses are known to trigger the breathing condition in people who’ve never had it before, so it’s possible COVID-19 can do likewise, says Dr. Prescott. If that’s the case, you might start to experience chest tightness, wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath, especially […]


Pence Says Oklahoma COVID-19 Cases Have ‘Flattened’ — 2 Days After Record Jump

Vice President Mike Pence insisted Monday that Oklahoma’s COVID-19 cases have “dropped precipitously” and “in a very real sense they’ve flattened the curve” — just two days after the state posted a record high in daily new cases. Pence blatantly misrepresented the facts as he addressed concerns about President Donald Trump’s plan to lure thousands […]