How Does Cannabis Actually Affect Sex?

Cannabis (marijuana) has a bit of a mixed reputation when it comes to sex. You may have heard that it’s a traditional herbal aphrodisiac with nearly mythical libido-boosting powers. Or maybe you heard that it can reduce sperm count or contribute to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In reality? It’s probably far more complicated than […]


10 Anxiety Symptoms That Affect Your Body, Because It’s Not All Mental

When people talk about anxiety, they often focus on its mental and emotional effects. That makes perfect sense, as the overwhelming worry and fear that characterize anxiety can be debilitating. But many anxiety disorders can come with their fair share physical symptoms, too. “When a person experiences anxiety, it’s essentially the fight-or-flight system kicking in […]

Food & Nutrition

The Secret Thanksgiving Calorie Cutter That Won't Affect Flavor

Any cottage cheese haters will be pleasantly surprised this holiday season as they discover our rich and decadent mac and cheese, savory bread pudding, stuffed mushrooms, and pumpkin-streusel cheesecake all share the same secret ingredient. Make sure to buy cottage cheese when shopping this weekend for the most delicious Thanksgiving ever. From appetizers to the […]