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It’s January, which means the festive season is behind us, but unfortunately that festive weight gain hasn’t gone anywhere. No-one really knows how much weight people put on in December on average, but estimates range from half a kilo to as much as 4kg. What we do know is that if you spent the last few weeks feasting, boozing and staying indoors to keep warm, you’ll need a metabolism faster than Usain Bolt to avoid nudging the number on the scales up. And if that number caused you to do a double take when you weighed yourself for the first time in 2019, you, like many others, may well resolve to lose that weight in January.

Whatever else you may hear, the basics of safe weight loss is keeping your calorie intake a little lower than the amount of energy your body uses, so it taps into your body’s fat reserves to get by. That means keeping a close eye on ingredient weights and portion sizes, and while there are plenty of great meal plans out there, it can get pretty time-consuming to follow them, as well as tiresome.

That’s where Protein World can help. Its Slender Plan manages your calories by supplying your breakfast, lunch and snacks during the work week. Then you just need to rustle up a healthy dinner yourself, giving you the freedom to have a bit of what you fancy. The Slender Plan also gives you plenty of recipes and guidance if you come up short of inspiration beyond your favourite delivery app.

It makes losing that festive weight gain simple and safe. No cutting out entire food groups. No dumping apple cider vinegar on everything. No religiously weighing celery sticks. No avoiding nights outs with friends. Sounds pretty doable.

In fact plenty of people have done it already, and there are a few messages that came over loud and clear when they talked about their experience of the plan. The first was that having a routine meant making healthy choices was much easier. And the results? Healthier and happier were the two words we kept hearing.

How It Works

Every type of plan comes with Protein World’s high-quality Slender Blend, which you mix with your favourite nut milk to make a meal-replacement shake for lunch. It’s chock full of protein and fibre to keep hunger at bay until your evening meal, and has 13 vitamins and 13 minerals. Most importantly, perhaps, three of the seven flavours available are chocolate-based.

You’ll also start each morning with the low-calorie Slender Porridge, which contains plenty of fibre to keep you full and slow-release carbs that’ll give you the energy to get out and get things done – especially if that thing is a session at the gym. There’s a chocolate flavour available too, but if you don’t want to overdo it we’d suggest summer berries or golden syrup, especially since those flavours team well with added fresh fruit.

Each 28-day pack also comes with indulgent snacks – that little treat we all need to see us through the afternoon. Choose from sweet bars made from all-natural ingredients with only 2g of sugar; baking mixes that whip up cookies, brownies, flapjacks or muffins; and savoury crispy clusters. Finally, you can pick from a range of capsules that can hasten your weight loss, help to stave off hunger or nourish your body.

Most importantly, there’s a 60-page guide that’ll give you all the information you need to take control of your diet and exercise in the long term, and plan your dinners and workouts in the short term. While you may lose weight on the Slender Plan without exercise, it’s more effective if you work up a sweat – and, in our opinion, more fun too.

And for the first time, there are all-vegan options that allow plant-based people to get in on the act, as well as a version with exclusive capsules designed for busy mums to help them feel and look their best. Not only do these capsules pack in folic acid, marine collagen and a range of micronutrients, they’re suitable to take when breastfeeding.

So sign up and finish January slimmer, healthier, happier and more confident.

Customise your Slender Plan now | £3.35 a day

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