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London Bike Show: First Look At The Folding Gocycle GX E-Bike

I will level with you – I have struggled with the folding e-bikes I’ve tried in the past, including Gocycle’s own GS, which is more stowable than truly foldable. However, I just tried folding the new Gocycle GX on the first day at the London Bike Show and I found it easy.

It’s got the same hinges that something like the Raleigh Stow-E-Way has – one in the middle of the frame in front of the pedals and one on the handlebar stem. The difference is the two-pronged kickstand and back wheel makes for a secure base from which you can fold the front part of the bike back. There’s also a small rubber band attached to the seat post which hooks over to the folded handlebar stem to keep it secure.

At this point, you can use the seat to tip the GX onto its wheels and push it along, something Gocycle says should appeal to commuters who’ll be able to push it along platforms and through train barriers easily. As to whether it’s right for train commuters depends, in my opinion at least, on how busy your service is, as although at its smallest the GX is only 830mm long and 390mm wide it would still take up the space of a person if it’s standing room only.

There’s another clever step to fold it down further. Loosen a screwed-in lever to take the seat post out. The seat post can be slipped inside the taut rubber band and – here’s the bit we really like – one side of the rear reflector clips off and hinges down to reveal a plug which fits into the hole for the seat post, keeping it firmly in place.

The clever additions don’t stop there though. The seat height is set differently, so you can take the seat post out and rest assured that when you put it back in it’s at the pre-set up height. For the first time on a Gocycle the battery can also be removed when the bike is folded and charged separately, especially useful if where you store your bike isn’t near a plug.

There are a couple of extra changes worth mentioning – a five-light LED display has been added to the handlebars to show the battery level and the removable F1 wheels have been replaced with fixed ones.

As to the ride? It rode just like the GS I reviewed recently. Easy, smooth and powerful when needed. The GX costs £400 more than the GS, at £2,899, and is available to pre-order on the website, with the first models shipping and appearing in Gocycle retailers in mid-April.

Pre-order from Gocycle | £2,899

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