How to Relax, Rest, and Recover While You’re Stuck at Home

After rolling and self massaging, follow it up with a good stretch. Throw on some light music—my favorites are Chill Lounge by Stingray or Afternoon Yoga playlist on Spotify.

2. Find a home workout plan you’ll actually do.

There’s no shortage of ways to move your body at home and while we are focusing on rest and recovery, there are many gentle ways to work out just enough to use some energy and feel good, or step it up higher if you need a good sweat.

Try SELF’s bodyweight workouts you can do at home, these free fitness apps, or my app Big Fit Girl. I also recommend Millionaire Hoy’s workouts and Sweat by Kayla Istines.

3 Take some time to just be still.

We live in a pretty high-performance society where productivity can be an indicator of worth. If you’re able to work from home right now, it’s possible that not much has changed for you in terms of your expectations at work. Work stress plus new coronavirus stress is just a lot, which is why I’m telling all my clients to find ways to reflect, be quiet, and meditate.

Here’s another bit of wisdom I need to heed more—it’s okay to do nothing. In fact, in times of high stress, I recommend it! Activities that encourage stillness and reflection bring clarity along with restoration, creativity, and a sense of well-being. I think so many of us are conditioned to believe that high stress is normal but it isn’t.

Take this time to try a meditation app, take a silent walk around your environment, or just sit at the window and observe your surroundings. We are always seeking connection, but right now, it’s an incredible opportunity to connect with yourself. I use the meditation app Headspace.

4. Watch inspiring documentaries.

Nothing gets me fired up like sports and fitness documentaries about inspiring women. I feel like anything is possible when I watch great docs that demonstrate incredible triumph. I think we could all use a dose of the triumph of the human spirit overcoming incredible adversity and challenge.

Here are some of my very favorites: Kim Swims (2018), The Boxing Girls of Kabul (2012), Maiden (2019), Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (2019) and Finding Traction (2016).

5. Clean, organize, and neaten your space while listening to music.

Now is a great time to get to any home improvement or organization products you’ve been planning. It will pass the time, make you feel good about the environment you’re probably spending a lot of time in right now, and also encourage you to move your body around a bit. Once you decide on a project, decide on a soundtrack for it. Make a special playlist or listen to your all-time favorite album. Just zone out and go to work.

Let’s face it, music is powerful. Look at the resiliency of people in Italy singing from their windows, playing instruments, and rejoicing in some of the country’s most challenging moments. Music connects us, lifts us, and elevates our vibration.

6. Start your morning and/or end your day with a relaxing yoga sequence.

There are so many resources out there for doing yoga at home. Even if you think you’re not a “yogi” you might be surprised at how beneficial yoga can be for rest, restoration, and stress management. Some of my favorites are Yoga with Adrienne and Dianne Bondy; they both offer great digital programs. There are also endless tutorials on Youtube to get you started. SELF’s yoga poses for beginners are also a great place to start.

7. Take a relaxing bath (or shower).

Whether you are feeling the impact of this pandemic on your body or not, it is likely to have some effect. Stress is very hard on the system and the simple act of taking a bath (or letting warm water flow over you in a shower) can be incredibly therapeutic and get you out of your head and into your body. I like to add essential oils—one of my favorites oils is Mountain High by Sage. I also sometimes add Epsom salts with lavender scent to my baths. It feels like going to the spa, right in my own home.

8. Stay connected to your people by working out together virtually.

During this time of isolation, it’s also important to stay connected. Many of us rely on our gyms and community centres for social connection. Many gyms and fitness professionals have started to innovate and are now providing their services virtually. I started doing live Youtube workouts and I know I am one of many trainers making efforts to be there for clients to stay connected to their movement community.

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