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How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon Every Single Time

Avoid shiny

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The one thing to always remember when learning how to pick a watermelon is to avoid shiny melons. That usually means they’re not ripe. The perfect watermelon will have a rind with a dark green color, and its skin will be dull in appearance.

Not too mushy

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Place your thumb on the opposite end of the stem and press gently. The skin should give a little, but if it yields too easily, put it back; your melon is too ripe and will have a dry consistency. For fruit that lasts a long time, follow these 12 tricks to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer.

Listen for a full sound

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Finally, place your watermelon on a flat surface and give it a nice knock. When you tap it, you should hear a full, tenor-like sound rather than a bass. It may seem silly, but this one is no old wives’ tale; a dull, deep sound indicates the watermelon is starting to separate in the middle, a sign of over-ripeness. Still, be careful that the sound isn’t too high, since that could mean the melon is unripe. If you’ve had trouble with how to pick a watermelon, you may want to see if you’re making these other produce mistakes at the supermarket.

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