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Here’s Gocycle’s First Fully-Folding E-Bike

When it comes to commuter convenience, a folding e-bike should tick all the boxes for those looking to cover short distances at the start or end of their journey. You can whizz along without ruining your clothes with sweat, then package up the bike to take on a train and later stow it under your desk.

After folding bike company Brompton launched an electric model last year, e-bike maker Gocycle is launching a fully-folding bike, the Gocycle GX, in the spring. Gocycle does make bikes that are sort of foldable – the GS and G3 can be taken apart and the handlebars folded down to store at home – but hadn’t nailed making it convenient to do so on the move.

In contrast the GX can be folded in just ten seconds, and once it is folded both wheels are still in contact with the ground so you can wheel it along. That’s useful, because even folding electric bikes still suffer from the curse of being very heavy – at 17.8kg the Gocycle GX isn’t the worst offender, but it’s still not something you’d want to carry for long.

The Gocycle GX will cost £2,899 and is set to compete against other premium folding e-bikes like the Brompton Electric (from £2,595) and the Hummingbird Electric (£4,495). It has a 250W motor and a 300Wh battery that provides up to 65km of range. You can keep an eye on that battery life using the LED display on the handlebars, or on the Gocycle app, where you can also fine-tune how much assistance you get from the motor and track your rides.

The torque sensor in the pedals helps to deliver assistance from the motor in a smooth fashion, in line with the force you put through the pedals, so there are no jerks and jolts when the motor kicks in. As with all e-bikes in the UK, assistance is only delivered up to a speed of 25km/h. After that you’re on your own, but if you’re cycling in built-up areas you’re likely to hit a red light not too long after you reach that limit and the assist can help you get up to speed all over again.

You can get more info and pre-order the Gocycle GX on the company’s website, with shipping expected in April 2019.

Pre-order from Gocycle | £2,899

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