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Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness App Now Offers A Free Six-Week Trial

When you’re a Hollywood A-lister, it’s somewhat easier to stay in great shape thanks to the team of experts guiding your training and diet, and ensuring you’re in the right state of mind. The neat trick the Chris Hemsworth-fronted app Centr pulls is to gather the Thor actor’s supporting cast and give you access to them.

We had a great experience when we reviewed Centr, and the service has now been opened up to all with a free six-week trial for new customers who sign up before April. “We hope that by making Centr available to everyone for this extended period, we can help even more people stay strong, healthy and find a sense of calm at a time when we all need that the most,” says Hemsworth.

There are plenty of no-kit workouts of many different types – HIIT of course, as well as yoga and other disciplines which will help with your mobility and general limberness, which will be particularly useful as most of us face extended periods indoors.

The app offers a complete meal planning feature, although we found committing to it requires a lot of shopping, cooking and money, which won’t be practical for most at the moment. Treat it as something to dip into – as Centr points out, many meals use store-cupboard staples.

Perhaps the most useful part of the app for now will be the sessions aiming to help your mental state. “The mindfulness sessions were an unexpected highlight,” Coach reviewer Sarah Lienard wrote. “It turns out sleep visualisations are the practice I never knew I needed.”

You will need to add in your payment card details and select a payment plan when you sign up, but there is an auto-renew option which you can turn off straight away so you’re not charged and the trial will continue for the full six weeks.

If you want to try before you commit your details, give this 15-minute MMA workout from one of the Centr trainers a go, and see if this smoky steak tacos recipe from one of the chefs who contributes to the Centr meal plans gets you salivating.

Sign up for Centr | Free six-week trial; £22.99 a month,£44.99 for three months (£15/month) or £93.99 for a year (£7.83/month)

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