How To Deadlift

Weightlifting in its purest form is lifting something up and putting it back down. That’s the deadlift in a nutshell. It’s simplicity personified and one of the best muscle-growing, strength-building, health-improving moves around. Performed safely, the deadlift will strengthen every bone in your body, challenge every muscle across your posterior chain (all the muscles that […]

Food & Nutrition

The Best Day of the Week to Go Grocery Shopping

Rebecca WaldenAug 01 Shopping on this day won’t just save you time…it’ll save you money on groceries, too! wavebreakmedia/shutterstock Why your shop day should be Hump Day Fewer crowds, fully-stocked shelves, and freshly delivered produce—welcome to any given Wednesday at a grocery store near you! This mid-week day is when to shop if you’re looking to save money […]


18 Stunning Photos Of Moms Breastfeeding Around The World

A series of stunning photos is celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding around the world. In honor of National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week, Lansinoh partnered with photographer Tina Boyadjieva to capture mothers nursing their children in 18 countries, including Peru, France, Turkey and South Africa. Tina Boyadjieva/Courtesy of Lansinoh Tina Boyadjieva photographed a woman […]