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Chilled Summer Borscht

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The FDA Just Recalled Montelukast Pills for a Dangerous Labeling Mistake

One form of montelukast, a medication commonly prescribed to treat asthma symptoms, has been voluntarily recalled for a potentially dangerous labeling mix-up, according to a statement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Specifically, the recall affects 30-pill bottles of 10 milligram montelukast tablets (a generic version of Singulair) manufactured by Camber Pharmaceuticals, the statement […]

Food & Nutrition

The FDA Issued a Warning About Foods Prepared With Liquid Nitrogen—Here’s What You Need to Know

That smoky dessert tray isn't as innocent as it looks. We’re always seeing crazy-fun food fads in our social feeds, like the liquid nitrogen trend. You’ve probably seen it too: When this chemical is added to a cocktail. for example, or to treats like ice cream and cereal, it creates a smoky, vapor-like effect that’s super Instagrammable. Now, the […]