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10 Summer Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick

Healthy Eating Jill WaldbieserAug 03 Nothing beats fresh, in-season produce and backyard barbecuing, but warm weather carries a higher risk of foodborne illnesses. Here’s how not to fall victim to them. Embrace fresh AnastasiaPetropavlovskaya/Shutterstock One of the great things about summer is the food: fresh herbs from the garden, in-season produce, just-caught seafood. It sounds […]


A Psychiatrist Explains Why You May Feel Annoyed When You Hear Celebrities Talk About Anxiety

There are a variety of reactions a person might have when celebrities share publicly their experiences with having anxiety: happiness, optimism, annoyance, fatigue, or even heightened anxiety of their own. Even as a mental health professional, I have felt most of these emotions. With some celebrity stories about anxiety, I feel so excited that I […]

Food & Nutrition

15 Restaurants You Didn’t Know Changed Their Names

Culture Marissa LaliberteAug 03 These household names weren’t always so recognizable. Domino’s Michaelasbest/Shutterstock You’re not alone if you’ve never understood the connection between games and takeout. Long before Domino’s rebranded to expand beyond pizza, it was called DomiNick’s Pizza after its owner, Dominick DiVarti. He sold the restaurant to some friends, but when they started […]