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These Are 8 Foods GI Docs Try to Never Eat

Healthy Eating Elizabeth BacharachAug 23 Unless you enjoy having heartburn or feeling bloated and gassy, make like a gastroenterologist and avoid these tough-on-the-tummy foods. Sorbitol and artificial sweeteners SpeedKingz/Shutterstock When you see the words “sugar-free” you probably think that the product must be good for you—or at least better than the version that’s chock-full of […]


The GOP Says Expanding Medicaid Fueled The Opioid Crisis. This Study Shows Otherwise.

Contradicting a popular conservative talking point, new research shows that Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act helped states treat residents with addiction and didn’t change prescription painkiller fill rates. “This supports the idea that Medicaid expansion has been beneficial in increasing the number of people receiving an important addiction treatment,” said Brendan Saloner, assistant […]