Prophylactic Oophorectomy: Preventing Cancer by Surgically Removing Your Ovaries

Women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations have a significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Several options are available for reducing the risk of cancer in these women. One option is preventive (prophylactic) bilateral oophorectomy—the surgical removal of the ovaries. Although removing your ovaries is usually performed to reduce the risk […]

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15 Chain Restaurants That Will Be Open on Thanksgiving

ju_see/Shutterstock If you’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner, you know it’s a lot of work. Not only does the prep and cooking feel like an exhausting three-ring circus, but then there’s the clean-up with which to contend. The benefits are clear—precious moments with family and friends, time-honored traditions, delicious food, and incredible leftovers. But, guess what? […]

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Winter Squash Wonderland

Don’t be intimidated by its rough exteriors—winter squash is a slightly sweet and tender addition to pastas, soups, and chilies. Use these recipes to get your daily dose of this nutrient-packed veggie. Creamy Spaghetti Squash With Asparagus and Rosemary Spaghetti squash is a dieter’s dream—it has less than 50 calories per serving, yet contains plenty […]