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Ate Too Much Sugar? 9 Tricks to Help Reverse the Binge

Step 4: Drink tea with lemon


Green tea and lemon are both diuretics, which means they’ll make you take more bathroom breaks. “You’re not directly eliminating the sugar, but you are forcing your blood to pump through your kidneys faster,” says Bontempo. Remember to also stay well-hydrated with H20, which helps you feel full, and counteracts suppressed leptin levels. Try these 13 easy food swaps to reduce your sugar intake.

Step 5: Plan tomorrow’s breakfast

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A low-sugar, balanced breakfast is imperative the day after a sugar overload. “The ideal breakfast is high in protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbs,” says Bontempo. “The protein and fat keep you full, and fewer carbs encourage you to burn yesterday’s stored-up sugar energy.” Try a vegetable omelet with a slice of whole-grain toast, topped with avocado slices. Go light on the fruit; it may be the natural kind, but it still has sugar. Another tip nutritionists stress: Don’t go overboard on coffee. “It’s a no-calorie drink, but we often add a lot of creams and sugars to it,” says Jason Ewoldt, MS, RDN, a wellness dietitian the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program. “What starts off as a 0-calorie option turns into several teaspoons of sugar before you even start the day.” Consider tea or have coffee with just a dash of cream. Here are 11 scary things sugar does to your body.

Step 6: Put the kibosh on condiments


Dressings, sauces, and other condiments may hinder your healthy-eating efforts. One tablespoon of ketchup, for example, has 4 grams (1 teaspoon) of sugar. “Many condiments can be high in sugar, but it’s tricky because there are essentially more than 60 different names for sugar,” says Ewoldt. “When you’re looking at the label, it might not say sugar, but it could say high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, rice syrup, or molasses, which are all essentially sugar.” Drizzle leafy greens with olive oil or spread avocado on a turkey burger.  Find out 25 ways sugar is making you sick.

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