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9 Healthy Habits You May Not Realize You’re Overdoing

What could be unhealthy about popping vitamins, brushing your teeth, or eating more fiber? But these good-for-you habits could take a toll on your health if you’re not careful.

Drinking wine for a healthy heart


Vino’s heart-health perks are a good justification to imbibe, but it’s still important to stick to one glass a day (about 4 ounces). A study in the American Journal of Cardiology found that people who think of wine as heart-healthy drink 47 percent more if it, on average, than those who don’t. Drinking too much can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain from the extra calories, and increased risk of stroke, according to Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine, so stretch that bottle of Malbec to last for a few days. Without overdoing it, start these 30 healthy habits from every type of doctor.

Snacking on fitness bars


You’ve got a pantry full of them because they’re easy to eat on the go and packed with nutrients to help you refuel after a workout, but a study in the Journal of Marketing and Research shows fitness bar fans may be derailing their weight-loss efforts. As Prevention magazine reported, people who chose a “fitness” snack over one labeled “trail mix” ate more and exercised less. “The mere association with fitness seems to make folks subconsciously think they’ve done something healthy,” according to the magazine. Don’t miss these other 13 “healthy” diet tricks that are actually bad for you.

Having more sex to boost intimacy


If sex is the secret to a happy relationship, doing the deed more often must be even better, right? Not according to research published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, which examined data on more than 25,000 Americans. The researchers found that more sex correlated with more happiness, but that happiness levels maxed out at having sex about once a week. Separate research from Carnegie Mellon University found that couples who were instructed to double how often they had sex were less into it (they desired it less and enjoyed it less) than those who stuck to their usual routine.

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