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9 Foods That Really Do “Taste Like Chicken”

Saying something “tastes like chicken” is a bit of a cliché for a palatable food, but in the case of these foods, it’s the truth. Taste is somewhat subjective, of course, but here are some foods—some a little quirky!—that chefs agree do, in fact, taste like chicken.

Alligator (and crocodile!)

Modern barbecue crocodile tail eye fillet with roasted sweet potatoes pineapples and mango chili chutney as top view on a plate hlphoto/Shutterstock

“That looks tasty!” is probably not what crosses your mind when you see these menacing-looking, spiny creatures. But not only is alligator meat very edible, it actually—you guessed it—tastes like chicken! Alligator and crocodile meat is popular everywhere from the American South to the Outback. If you’re not sure which is which, find out exactly what the difference is between alligators and crocodiles. A similarity, though, is that, for both of them, “the meat is similar [to chicken] in color and texture,” according to Global Master Chef Karl Guggenmos. He admits that the meat does have a “mossy/gamey flavor” that may ruin the chicken-y illusion, but if the meat is “properly marinated,” you won’t taste that. If the meat is overcooked, it will develop a rubbery flavor, but “seasoned well and quickly grilled, it will certainly resemble chicken,” he says.

Frog legs

Frog legs baked with garlic butter and parsley.Cesarz/Shutterstock

This is a French delicacy, one that you’d probably think would be either incredibly nuanced in taste…or completely disgusting. So it might be quite surprising to learn that they actually have a chicken-like flavor! According to social media food and travel influencer Luisa Ruocco, frog legs “are much smaller than chicken legs, and…the tiny bones are a chore to get around, but what little meat you do get tastes a lot like chicken.” Frog legs might actually be tasty, but you won’t believe these other bizarre foods that are popular throughout the world.


fried snakeAl.geba/shutterstock

And you thought alligator was unusual! “I really enjoy fried rattlesnake,” Guggenmos told Canned rattlesnake, a common sight at some exotic meat stores, is pretty comparable to, of all things, fried chicken! “[When it’s] battered like fried chicken, one really could be fooled in believing [rattlesnake] to be chicken, especially when the pieces of meat are cut to resemble chicken breast,” Guggenmos says. Who knows, maybe you could even swap it in in this fried chicken recipe that’s been viewed over 200,000 times.

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