6 Best Treadmills to Buy in 2020, According to Running Coaches

The treadmill isn’t everyone’s cup of tea: some find it too bulky for small spaces, and others complain of the monotony of running in place, but it does have its perks. It can help you mix up your running workouts and gives you a solid indoor option when you’re hesitant to layer up and log miles in inclement winter weather. “As the weather gets nasty, it becomes far more challenging to execute your workouts while battling single digit temperatures, freezing rain, and snow,” says Jes Woods, a Nike+ running coach. “It eliminates the need to modify your workouts by bringing the run indoors.”

One solid investment in a treadmill that you can run on year-round could also save you from spending money on a costly gym membership over time, too. But buying one is rarely cheap, and, truth be told, not all treadmills are created equal. Make sure whichever treadmill you choose provides enough room to move freely while you run, and then choose which additional features are important to you. To hear more about what to look for and which models are the best for the money, we chatted up some running coaches to find out which treadmills they turn to when they can’t make it outdoors.

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