27 Tricks for Naturally Glowing Skin (No Makeup or Expensive Products Required!)

Switch from a deodorant soap to one with added fat

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Some good choices are Dove, Oilatum, or Neutrogena. Deodorant soaps can be drying, whereas added-fat soaps leave an oily, yet beneficial, film on your skin. Learn some more unusual things that can give you healthy, glowing skin.

Use a loofah daily to keep ingrown hairs and scaly skin under control

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While in the shower, gently scrub bumpy or scaly skin with a circular motion to remove dead cells. For extra-smooth skin, sprinkle a few drops of an alpha-hydroxy product on the loofah before scrubbing.

Upgrade your bath


Treat dry, rough, itchy skin with these bath add-ins:

• Half a pound of sea salt and one pound baking soda. Soak until the water is cool to detoxify your skin and soothe the itch.

• Two cups Epsom salt. In addition to soaking in it, while your skin is still wet, rub handfuls of Epsom salt on the rough areas to exfoliate skin.

• A few bags of your favorite tea. The tea provides antioxidants as well as a delicious scent.

• One cup uncooked oatmeal tied into an old stocking or muslin bag. Oats are not only wonderful for your inner health, says Galvez, but provide a healthy glow on the outside as well, leaving a film on your skin that seals in water.

• Equal parts of apple cider vinegar, wheat germ, and sesame oil. Apple cider vinegar is both antibacterial and alkalinizing (meaning it helps maintain the proper acid balance), while sesame oil and wheat germ add moisture.

• One cup powdered milk with one tablespoon grapeseed oil. The lactic acid in the milk will exfoliate your skin, and the grapeseed oil will give your skin a powerful dose of antioxidants.

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