16 Thermal Leggings That Will Make Your Outdoor Workout Warm and Cozy

Cold temperatures can make your outdoor workouts seem a lot less appealing. But slipping on a pair of thermal leggings can help take out some of that chill—and give you the boost you need to get out of the (warm) house.

“Having a pair of warm leggings is clutch for outdoor workouts because not only will they keep you warm, but they’ll also keep you comfortable and focused on your workout—not on how cold you feel,” Kaitlyn Faist, a NASM-certified personal trainer and runner from Chicago, tells SELF.

Acting like a base layer, thermal leggings are often made with certain materials that are known to be moisture wicking, insulating, and durable. But there are tons of different kinds of thermal leggings out there, and finding the perfect pair for your cold outdoor workout is actually pretty individualized—what works great for someone else may not feel comfortable for you.

Still, there are a few common factors to keep in mind that can help you choose a great pair of leggings, Faist says. Here’s what she looks for:

  • Brushed: Brushed fabric is soft, comfortable, and retains heat: “A brushed, formfitting pant traps warmth between your legs and the leggings, and keeps the wind chill out,” says Faist.

  • Water-resistant and windproof: Fabrics that repel water or wind, like merino wool and polyester or polyester blends, can keep your legs dry and body warm, even in less-than-ideal winter weather.

  • Compression: Compression garments can help improve circulation, and when worn after exercise may even help with recovery. Plus, the compression offers extra support as you move.

We asked outdoor exercisers for their recommendations on the best thermal leggings that they rely on to get in their winter outdoor workouts. Here are 16 of their favorites.

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