16 Amazing Barre Workouts on YouTube

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4. Barre Fitness At-Home Workout

Length: 10 minutes

What to expect: A quick 10-minute total-body barre workout with classic barre moves.

“This is one of my favorite barre workout combinations because it engages your core and works your lower body by incorporating pliés, pulses, and tucks—all in a 10-minute workout you can do from home. This workout incorporates tiny isometric movements to hit your inner thighs, outer thighs, glutes, calves, and core. Each time you roll up to relevé (on the balls of your feet), you are strengthening your calf muscles, and when you are bending your knees into your pliés, you are strengthening your thighs. And tucking works your core and pelvic muscles. This video offers modifications and is great for all levels.” —Whitley Miller, creator and master barre instructor at the Healing Barre in Washington, D.C.

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5. At-Home Barre Workout With Taliah Mekki

Length: 45 minutes

What to expect: A low-impact cardio barre workout that will still get you sweating.

“I love this 45-minute at-home barre workout that targets your full body. This is a fast-paced barre cardio workout for the intermediate to advanced exerciser and offers workouts with various equipment pieces or alternatives. There are lots of pulses—micro-movements that improve endurance and help you resist fatigue, stabilize your body, and move with proper posture—in this video. Be prepared to sweat through this workout.”—Miller

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6. Full Body At-Home Sculpting Barre and Pilates Workout With Move With Nicole

Length: 35 minutes

What to expect: A chill workout that uses isometric moves for a serious burn.

“As a professional dancer, I love to see a barre instructor who moves like a dancer and uses proper form and technique like Nicole. This workout is more mellow than others, as Nicole has a soft, soothing voice, and the music is calming, but it is far from ‘relaxing.’ This was a challenging workout that really tires out your muscle groups. I love all the combination moves she incorporated into the workout too. This workout is great for those really wanting a challenge, and it’s low impact.” —Lanie Hoxie, barre and Ballet Fit instructor at Bam Barre in Orlando, Florida

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7. 11-Minute Full-Body Barre Combos With Barre With Adrienne

Length: 11 minutes

What to expect: Upper and lower-body move combinations using 5-pound weights to kick up the intensity.

“I love how versatile the moves are and how in-depth Adrienne is with explaining each transition and where you should be feeling the work. She makes each exercise accessible for people with varied athletic ability. Flawless transitions keep the momentum and energy high and strong.” —Briana J. Milton, barre instructor and wellness advocate in Lorton, Virginia.

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8. Full-Body Barre Workout With IsaWelly

Length: 24 minutes

What to expect: This workout will test your cardio, build core strength, and work your entire body.

“I love IsaWelly’s amazing energy. She makes these tough and challenging movements fun! She has a strong focus on form and alignment, ensuring that people are aware of body positioning—and avoiding injury. This a gentler, low-impact flow that will still give you a big burn and shake.” —Milton

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9. Full Body, Low-Impact Barre Workout With Coach Kel

Length: 37 minutes

What to expect: This no-jumping barre workout will work your entire body.

“This is a great, no-frills, low-impact barre workout. The instructor includes a lot of reps for each exercise, her transitions are fast-paced, and the overall tempo of the class is great. Her glute sequence of the workout is awesome as well because it focuses on all parts of the seat, and the abs portion of the workout also provides a challenge. This workout is great to do at home, and I recommend this for someone who likes a more athletic barre workout or someone who likes a challenge.” —Andrea Fornarola, founder, CEO, and head trainer of Elements Fitness Studio in New York City.

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